2022, It’s Time For A Cool Change

2022, It’s Time For A Cool Change


I have a really good feeling about this year…


I finally know what I want.

It’s time for a cool change…

and I’m not going sailing…

I just want to be more chilled basically… be a bit more… ‘cool’.

But I think I just lost some cool points by saying that…

This is how I started my year…

I upgraded my phone on the 2nd of January and I chose an iPhone Pro Max again (predictable, I know.). They asked me which colour I wanted and I chose ‘Graphite’ (the black one- again…).

When we were in store, the sales rep even managed to convince me that I needed an Apple watch. I used to think they’re too chunky and ugly (well, I still think so… ) but, she said, ‘If you’re going back to Uni like you said, you definitely need this.’ so, I decided to go for it.

Then, when I left the store, I thought, ‘Everytime I upgrade to a new iPhone model, I always go for black.’. When I thought of the reason why I go for the ‘go to’ and in my opinion, although it’s classic, a pretty boring colour is because I stopped being adventurous and fun when I hit my 20’s. Back in the day, I loved unusual patterns and colours. Nowadays, I go for the classic and timeless pieces. I go for black clothes, bags, shoes etc. not only because it’s cold and rainy in the UK but, because there came a time when I just wanted to blend in. I didn’t want to choose the unusual anymore.

I chose the safest roads most travelled.

When I was in my teens, I used to be ahead of the trends. I wore dance and sporty clothes way before the Jenners and Kardashians made them mainstream. My friends joke about it now and then when they see IG posts from Kylie, they say stuff like, ‘Franz, remember when you used to wear sports wear like that and off the shoulder crop tops with leggings and huge headphones on… listening to rap music?’ Everyone was emo and I looked like I just came out of a ‘Step Up’ film set.

I even had a Sidekick… (I know! Can you believe it?). They were so hard to find in the UK and I had to order one from the US just to have the colour I wanted.

I didn’t want to go for the popular trends and choices. I wanted to be unique… original. That was me.

I don’t know what happened but, I changed as I got older. I started to choose the same boring options and safe bets. I didn’t like taking risks because, I guess, back when I took plenty of risks, they just didn’t pay off and I suffered huge losses in many parts of my life. So, I became the- ‘I’ll go for this because, you can’t go wrong with classic ‘BLACK’.

That’s what I did when I upgraded my mobile phone (Btw, I just had to stop myself from typing ‘cellphone’ to avoid the whole, it’s MOBILE! it’s MOBILE! LOL!) Oh wow, I can’t believe I actually typed LOL! in a blog post! Things are definitely changing! LOL!

Anyway… so…

I chose the iPhone Pro Max in Graphite (512 GB) even though I planned on getting the 1TB.

The rep said, ‘Do you really need this much space?’

I said, ‘I have a 2TB iCloud actually… maybe not?’

She checked my iPhone storage and she said, ‘You definitely don’t need 512 GB. You’ve only used 124 GB so far.’

Then, I said, ‘But, how come it keeps saying I don’ have any space left whenever I use certain apps?’

She said, ‘Maybe, it’s just your phone glitching.’

and then, I asked her,

‘How much more per month for the 1TB?’

she said, ‘It’s £8 more per month with this much deposit but honestly, you don’t need that much space.’

It’s not that I’m careless with money but the additional £8 a month is not that much more per month for double the storage. I’m paying a lot of money for the 512 GB already… I felt like, why not just go for the best phone? I was so tempted to go for the 1TB because this was what I wanted but, she pushed me to go for the 512 GB instead.

So, I went ahead with 512 GB.

When I got home, I thought about how many videos and photos I take every year. I take a lot of photos but I take more videos! I knew that this year will be a very busy one and to be honest, like many of you, I’m always on my phone too so I don’t mind spending a lot on my phone. As you guys know, I love vlogging too (I hope I don’t forget to do it more this year.). I even record pigeons and squirrels sometimes. I used up so much memory in 2021 and that’s without any trips abroad. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to go abroad again this year (if Covid settles down).

While I was brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘I’ll go for the 1TB even if I don’t need it.’

So I changed my mind and walked into the store to cancel my order. I said, ‘I want to go for the 1TB instead of the 512 GB.’

They initially said, ‘Nope. You can’t change your mind.’

and I replied with, ‘Please can you help me? The phone isn’t even here yet and I don’t like this black Apple watch either. I want the Rose Gold. (By the way, the sales rep didn’t actually discuss watch colour options with me properly because all we talked about was how ugly the Apple watch is. Having said that, I still went for it so maybe the joke’s on me.)

This was a huge step for me. I never liked making a fuss. I don’t really like returning things for a refund or exchange. I didn’t like being the difficult one to work with in school or the workplace. I was a ‘Yes.’ girl even if I wanted to say ‘No.’ I settled for less to avoid disputes. I settled for the boring. I settled for all these things as I got older because I didn’t put myself first. I thought about pleasing others first.

The old me would have said, ‘Oh okay. I’ll settle for what I don’t like for TWO YEARS and pay so much money for something I don’t like. Fine.’

But the new me basically said… ‘I changed my mind so, please can you just help me?’

The manager realized that he actually made a mistake and he apologized. Since the phone is not physically in store yet, the 14 day cooling off period still applied and he was able to cancel my order. He was also nice enough to change my Apple watch.

I also shocked myself when I followed the changes with another major change…

‘I want the GOLD iPhone.’

and my friends… I felt so good when I said it.

Finally, I’m back to my – I know what I want. This is who I am. This is what I’m choosing. This is what makes me happy.

I’m not going to choose something because it’s the safest choice. I’ve never been the type who conforms anyway, but I noticed that I developed this habit of putting others first and wishing to blend in so I don’t disrupt anything. Now, I think, ‘This isn’t making me happy anymore so I have to do something to address it.’

Simon was like, ‘Wow! Really? You’re really going to change from black to gold?’

‘Yes!’ I replied, with a huge smile on my face.

He said, ‘Wow! Finally! You’re really going to feel like you’ve upgraded for sure! It’s a great colour!’

I said, ‘I know. I only went for the black phones because, you can’t really go wrong with black.’

I just finally realized that it’s all about getting things wrong… If we don’t get things wrong, we won’t know what’s right.

We all have to take risks and make mistakes because that’s how we grow…

We have to make changes. We have to go for what we want… for choices which may be deemed as unpopular… if it makes us happy and we’re not hurting anyone, why not?

I looked at the gold iPhone Pro Max they had on display and I’m telling you my friends…

It looks amazing!

I’m not superficial and I don’t care much about material things but I love cellphones.

There! I said it! I won’t apologize for it! I love ‘CELLPHONES!’ LOL!

I can’t wait to unbox mine!

It’s so cool! So so so cool! LOL!

‘Time for a cool change… I know that it’s time for a cool change…’

Little River Band

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