Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

To change is too hard to do

so you think


It’s much better to use someone else as a bin

than say sorry

It’s the perfect place to throw your scraps in

Things you don’t want seen

Since your flaws need to be placed somewhere

What better move is there

than to baske in someone else’s shining glory

It all depends on how much

That bin you use is able to carry

or how quickly it gets smelly

In no time

you will find that all bins have a limited capacity

The bin gets full and it’s still the bin’s fault

For you

because it’s not big enough

so you

put the blame on it and others like default

when really that bin needs to be emptied

It needs support

Put too much in it

it breaks and still

You think the bin is not good enough so

You believe it needs to say sorry

When really the question you should ask is,

Has it not stored enough garbage for you all already?

You shut the bin’s lid

Instead of choosing to get rid

of the disgust you once hid

Because you think it doesn’t matter

You claim that outside you don’t litter

But you don’t think that others get bitter

When you do the things you do

I suppose

You expect for it to always be clean after you’ve dump so much inside

It can barely stand

You want it to empty itself so you don’t need to touch and dirty your hands

or soil your clothes

It topples and it falls

To clear the bin

would be too grave a sin

So it follows

that when it reaches its end

it goes

and you’ll find yourself surrounded by all the things you once avoided

No one’s there to help you gather and hold the broken pieces

The space no longer smells of roses

There’s only

so much you can do to cover up the smell of disgust

and slowly

you’ll have to find another bin to use and truly

I hope you don’t find that in your house so holy

You’re not the next bin that’s always filled and never empty

by Franz (THE TALA by Franz,, Copyright March 2021)


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