Aloe Vera: The Hydrating Genius Plant

Aloe Vera: The Hydrating Genius Plant

A friend of mine gave me an Aloe Vera plant in a pot a few months ago. It looked so cute in in this small white pot and it looked like a tiny Aloe Vera baby plant. She gave a small Aloe Vera plant to my mother too. She said that she put a few in tiny pots and decided to give them to many of her friends. I’m not a plant expert at all but from the sounds of it, Aloe Vera plants grow so much that you have to re-pot a lot. My fiance is the one who remembers to water our plants at home, especially our Bonsai – Nakamura. He also looks after our orchids and he updates me on their progress. He’s so sweet and he really loves taking care of our small indoor plants at home.

A few months went by and I was so surprised to see how much our Aloe Vera plant has grown. There are long stems now and I worried that I may have to end up re-potting the Aloe Vera plants too.

I thought about my favourite product from Loreal-which is their Hydra Genius Aloe Water which retails for around £9.99 but with some deals sometimes you can get them for around £6 a bottle. I love this product and so far have gone through about 5 bottles in 6 months. It’s a product I keep re-purchasing as it has made it to my list of holy grail products.

It’s instantly hydrating, refreshing and non-greasy. I love the smell too and most of all, it lasts for a very long time. They come in 70ml bottles and the cream itself is like a pearly clear fluid- very much like an Aloe Vera sap. It’s super hydrating and it doesn’t leave a sticky feel like other moisturisers and lotions. It didn’t irritate my skin- in fact, it felt like it soothed my skin after each use. It made my skin feel so supple and smooth and most of all, I felt like it was an all-rounder product. I can use it for my hands, my body, my face whatever the season. It’s light enough for the summer and moisturising enough even for the winter.

I’ve always known that Aloe Vera plants have amazing benefits and can be used for so many things. I know that it’s a great thing to use to help heal cuts (it also protects them). They are a great anti-oxidant and they are natural laxatives which can help to ease constipation. Most of all, they are amazing when it comes to hydration so they’re great to have in beauty products.

So, the other day, I watched a Youtuber who advised to use pure Aloe Vera juice straight from the leaves as a natural face mask which can serve as the most hydrating moisturiser. I thought it was a great idea and so I followed the steps she showed in her video. I cut a medium aloe leaf off the pot and apologised to the plant. It felt so unnatural and wrong to cut the plant so I felt so bad when I did this.

As I sliced the leaf and took out the clear fluid inside, I realised how soft aloe vera leaves are. I carefully sliced each side and mixed the clear juice in a small clear bowl. I put on the aloe juice on my face like a light mask and within a few seconds, I was surprised with how itchy my face felt. I worried slightly and it felt like my skin was irritated by the pure aloe juice. I rinsed it off within 2 minutes as I could no longer tolerate the itchy feeling and I felt like my skin was so sensitive to touch. I think that now, it’s safe to say that I’m slightly too sensitive for pure Aloe juice.

That doesn’t mean I will stop using aloe vera products. I think that I will stick with Loreal’s Hydra Genius Aloe Water instead for my daily dose of Aloe hydration. You can purchase Loreal’s Aloe Water from any drugstore like Boots or Superdrug and I highly recommend that you try this amazing product!

If you are thinking of trying out pure aloe vera juice straight from the leaves, make sure you try it out on a small part of your hand first and see how you feel to avoid the itchy and irritated feeling I got when I first tried it myself.


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