Ballet Slippers: Essie’s Classic Royal Colour

Ballet Slippers: Essie’s Classic Royal Colour

If anyone asked me to describe my mother’s style, I can describe it as simple elegance.


My Inspiration

I recall going to salons with my mother to have her nails done and as a little girl, I was amazed at how the salon workers skilfully and carefully painted each and every stroke of nail polish on my mother’s small nails. Her nails always looked perfect. She had classic manicures and pedicures and didn’t want too much fuss. She opted for the most simple look possible in anything she chose to wear. She never had false nails and she didn’t ever grow her natural nails long. Her nails were always short and neatly buffed and no matter how much I pleaded for her to have bright colours or deep reds, she always refused my suggestions and chose nude or pearly white shades.

Now, I look back and realise how classy my mother really is and I appreciate her commitment to staying classy at all times. She doesn’t wear nail polish anymore. She chooses instead to keep her nails short, neat and natural.


My Nail Faux Pas



When I was in my late teens, I chose to wear long false acrylic nails in the French manicure style because celebs and trendy people wore them. I even had them freshly done for my graduation. I chose to have this acrylic nails look and maintained it for around two years. It was expensive to have refills done and they were damaging to my nails. I’m glad that I stopped within two years soon after I realised they looked awful. I’m glad I stopped early so I didn’t end up ruining my nails permanently. My nails are in great condition; they always have been so I don’t even know why I decided to have false nails in the first place. They look tacky and they were just a waste of money and time.

Upon realising the tackiness of false nails, I chose to wear dark shades instead especially around the winter time. I kept my nails short and preferred dark berry shades of deep reds and purples. I liked yellows, pale pinks and blues for the summer. I soon realised how difficult they are to maintain as well because when they chipped, they were always so visible and obvious. Also, the dark nail polishes stained my nails and made them look a little yellow so I stopped and I remembered my mother’s classic nail polish style.


When I discovered the beauty of nudes and pale pinks



I wore nude nail polishes instead. I wore Revlon’s Natural Pink, Pink Cashmere and Porcelain shades for two years until I found my favourite shade which turns out to be a Royal favourite too.

It’s called ‘Ballet Slippers’ by Essie. Apparently this is Queen Elizabeth’s favourite nude nail polish too back in the 80’s and 90’s but it seems that she doesn’t wear nail polish anymore. It gives a sheer pale pink finish and is glossy enough without being too shiny. You can reapply multiple coats depending on how sheer you want your nails to look and at £7.99 per bottle, you can’t really go wrong with this purchase.

I prefer wearing two to three coats of this nail polish to achieve the neat look I want. With one stroke, it can look a little streaky and messy so be aware that you may need to apply one coat after applying your base coat then wait a few minutes to re-apply a second or third coat. I finish off with a clear top coat and it just looks so simple, yet so, so, elegant.

Essie as a brand offers a wide range of nail polish colours and there is no doubt that they are my favourite company followed by Sally Hansen when it comes to nail polish. Essie offers an incredible set of nude shades but ‘Ballet Slippers’ is definitely by far my favourite; not just because Her Majesty The Queen used to be a fan but because it really is the most beautiful nude shade. It’s versatile, classic and appropriate for any occasion; a shade for all seasons.

Thank you Mama, for showing me how to be graceful, classy and elegant just like you.



You can buy Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’ Nail Lacquer below:

Essie Ballet Slippers Nail Lacquer



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