Be Lush: How I Keep My Skin Clear, Hydrated and Radiant

Be Lush: How I Keep My Skin Clear, Hydrated and Radiant

I still remember the day my friend ‘J’ asked me to come with her to Selfridges a few years ago because she needed to buy a facial toner. She bought this toner packaged inside a bottle with roots and leaves inside it. It was £50 for a medium sized bottle. Needless to say, I was ‘shook’ at how much this root filled liquid bottle cost! I recall asking her why she needed to put this on her face and she answered me back with a question. I remember this moment because she couldn’t believe what my answer was and we both burst out laughing after my response.

J: ‘What do you use for your face?’

Me: ‘Just hot water.’

It’s true. I only used warm water to clean my face in the shower. I’m sure that you’re now just as shook as she was when I told her I only use hot water for cleansing my face! Of course I used makeup remover wipes to take my makeup off but I honestly didn’t use fancy moisturisers, cleansers or toners in my early twenties and this went on for years! I didn’t have a skincare routine. I just took my makeup off at night (not every night, only when I remembered to) with makeup wipes, rinse my face with hot water and went to bed. My friend J told me that it’s important to look after our skin when we’re young because I might regret it later when I’m old and wrinkly. Her kind words of advice still didn’t worry me enough back then until I reached the age of 27 and that’s when I changed my ways.

So I started with using gentle products from LUSH- a brand that only uses fresh and natural ingredients. I was unsure of which brand to go to because I find that all these skin care brands and multiple options available in department stores can make me feel so overwhelmed and confused.


Here are some of my favourite skin care products from LUSH that I still use today:





For £13.95 per 100 grams, this is definitely a wonderful dupe for my favourite Eve Lom cleansing balm. The whole cleansing process is the same. You smooth this cream over your face and rub gently with a damp cloth to remove traces of makeup and dirt. It’s a simple cleanser with essential and natural ingredients for cleansing such as beeswax, almond oil, honey and rosewater. It’s one of my all time favourite products and it’s great for people who have normal to dry skin like mine. It’s definitely moisturising  and not too harsh on the skin.


Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub (Alcohol Free) 

I also use this scrub for not just for my face but for my body as well. It doesn’t contain any alcohol which will dry out the skin which is again, perfect for those people who have normal to dry skin like me. For £8.95 per 120 grams, it’s an absolute bargain considering this product can be used for the face and body. It doesn’t contain any harsh and unnatural preservatives either because as you know, ocean salt is naturally self-preserving. This scrub smells incredible and I always feel like I’m transported to somewhere exotic and tropical whenever I use it. This is my go-to product to exfoliate. Everytime I use this, my skin gets so soft, smooth and radiant.




Eau Roma Water

This is one of my favourite toners because of how gentle it is on my skin. This is suited for sensitive skin types and I find that if I’m unsure whether a product will be compatible with my skin, I generally go for products which are aimed for sensitive skin types to be on the safe side. This is honestly something like a ‘miracle water’ in a bottle. It calms my skin after cleansing and it’s so refreshing. It hydrates my skin instantly after all the cleansing and scrubbing without it being too harsh on the skin unlike other toners which contain alcohol. It also is so effective in removing the last few traces of makeup but you can also use this for a quick refreshing spritz.




Skin Drink Moisturiser

This moisturiser is definitely one of my favourites because it doesn’t feel too much on my skin. Some moisturisers can feel too heavy and oily. With this product, a little goes a long way and it’s one of the reasons why my face doesn’t suffer from too much dryness at all. It balances my skin and ensures that it’s not too oily and not too dry either. I use this moisturiser in the morning and in the evening and I also use this in between my fingers to moisturise the dry areas of my hands.


Gorgeous Moisturiser

As the name suggests, it’s definitely such a gorgeous moisturiser. I feel like it’s satin and velvet goodness in a tub. It leaves my skin feeling like baby skin- it’s that soft. It’s not the cheapest at £42.50 for 45 grams but it’s definitely worth all the penny as a little goes a long way.



These are some of my favourite products from LUSH. It’s definitely a brand I love so much. The sales consultants are not just super helpful; they are also so knowledgeable and will help you find the right products depending on what you need and what’s suitable for your skin type.

I encourage you to look after your skin now just as my friend ‘J’ encouraged me to look after my skin years ago.


Be Lush. Be Beautiful. Be You.


Shop my favourite products: 


Skin Drink
Eau Roma Water
Ocean Salt Alcohol Free






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