Don’t Judge A Product By Its Price: Why Cheap Products Can Be Amazing Too!

Don’t Judge A Product By Its Price: Why Cheap Products Can Be Amazing Too!

Consumers have been made to believe for so long that cheap prices mean poor quality and manufacturing standards. While that may be mostly true, some of the so called ‘high-end’ or ‘designer’ products out there that have ridiculously high mark ups are also made from the same factories where cheap products are made and they often also use the same materials. So, how do we really know for sure which brands to support? It’s time to start shopping wisely and I think that if you find a cheap but great product out there that performs just as good as their high-end counterparts, I say ‘GO FOR IT!

I understand that it’s hard to support brands who sell cheap products because we are often left wondering about whether or not the workers who made the products are paid enough or are victims of slave labour. Many of us also support brands based on their ethical codes such as if they are against animal testing and the use of animal products. I’m against unethical manufacturing but the truth is, a lot of brands still have a long way to go when it comes to being more transparent with how they produce and distribute their products. Whether or not I spend £45 or £5 for a makeup palette, how can we know for sure that paying for a higher premium product means that I didn’t support unethical conduct? Some brands aren’t honest enough and if there is a quick way to really know the truth, I think many of us would have decided to boycott a lot of brands by now.

When it comes to beauty tools and products, I’m quite open to using anything that works for me. I’m slightly more fussy and careful when it comes to skin care and cosmetics. It is always best to research the ingredients of anything you use for your skin and body. I’m more relaxed when it comes to makeup tools; whether it’s a makeup brush from Poundland or Real Techniques and Bobbi Brown (Two of my favourite makeup brush brands) I’m happy to use it especially if it’s a purse-friendly item. I love bargain products that perform well. Some people don’t like using dupes of high-end products as they see this as supporting copycats and fake products that take the ideas of others. While I see where they are coming from, I’m also against companies who charge so much for a similar (sometimes even the same) product that many other brands sell for so much cheaper. As I mentioned above, I feel that there is no guarantee that high-end companies manufacture with integrity so if there is a cheaper alternative, I go ahead and buy it. I’m now getting into the habit of researching the companies I support and buy from. I also thank many beauty gurus out there who also share their thoughts about so many cheap products they love. Let’s be honest, they help us save more money!

Makeup Sponge from Lidl – RRP Two for £2

The other day, my fiance and I went to Lidl to buy some sushi. I love their ‘Vegetable Sushi’ range so much! Honestly, if you’re ever at Lidl, go and buy their sushi! While I was browsing, around the cosmetics isle, I saw a some makeup sponges on display. They were 2 for £2 and so I grabbed two of them to see how they would perform compared to my favourite makeup sponges from Real Techniques and Beauty Blender. In the past, I would have just ignored this beauty blender dupe. I used to think that cheap products are a waste of time and money but now, I’ve learned to give them a chance.

When I applied my makeup with the makeup sponge from Lidl, I was surprised at how good it blended the small amount of concealer around my eyes. I didn’t need to use too much concealer or foundation and the sponge didn’t soak up too much product. It’s soft, a little bouncy and performs even better when it’s slightly damp.

I was so impressed with the Lidl makeup sponge that I couldn’t wait to tell my fiance about the good news- I finally found a cheaper makeup sponge I can use as an alternative. I told him about how the sponge reminded me of the original Beauty Blender sponge which costs around £16 each. He couldn’t believe how much women spend on a small sponge to dab makeup on our face with. He also couldn’t believe how much cheaper the alternative from Lidl is. I talked about the Lidl sponge so much that he went out to buy some more for me (I know…so anti-minimalist of us!).

Don’t get me wrong. I love the original Beauty Blender. It’s so soft and it performs better than the Lidl sponge but because of the huge price difference and the similar results I get when I use my Lidl sponge, I think I’ll stick to my Lidl makeup sponge for now. He also bought a couple of makeup brushes from the same Lidl makeup tools range for me to try and all I can say is ‘Wow, these makeup tools from Lidl are amazing!’ So folks, go ahead and visit your nearest Lidl store and check them out!

It’s really important that we give other brands and companies a chance to showcase their own products. Amazing products can come from discount and unknown brands. You don’t have to be ashamed of using cheap alternatives especially if they work perfectly for you. You don’t have to spend the money you can use for other things just because you are embarrassed of using cheaper and more affordable options. I don’t mind supporting dupes of products but I’m against the use and supply of fake products. Fake items are not only violating the copyrights of the original distributors and makers of the items but they also violate consumer rights. It’s always good to research the products before we purchase them and there’s nothing wrong with giving cheaper products a chance. Always remember… ‘Don’t judge a product by its price.’


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