‘From Manila With Love’ – A Blessed Family Reunion

‘From Manila With Love’ – A Blessed Family Reunion

‘MANILA’ -The most wonderful place to spend Christmas… My home. They say home is where your heart is and I always leave a piece of my heart in Manila whenever I leave to go back to my second home, England.

A lot of people only describe Manila as a place where there’s nothing but chaos and horrendous traffic jams. Although I was worried about the logistics and how we would carry out the tasks we have set in our schedule, I was confident that everything would turn out great.

Our ‘Christmas in Manila’ trip turned out to be one of the most amazing family trips we have ever had. I felt like God and the whole universe was watching over us the entire time; blessing every single moment we spent together as a family.

There were so many moments where we found ourselves experiencing magical events that happened unexpectedly. I had to pause and pinch myself a few times to check if I was in some kind of dream. The love overflowed every second of every minute we spent together. We laughed, we cried tears of joy and we laughed and laughed again.

We had a ‘To Do’ list and it was quite a long one.

One important task for me was securing our family memories. We had to start clearing our house in preparation for our future home renovation. I knew that I would be taking all my Mamas’ cross stitches and all our photo albums back to England with us. We were a family on a mission and we are so happy that we accomplished what we set out to do and more.

One of the things I learned on this trip is that we can only plan so much. In life, there are things that happen which are beyond our control. I have learned that this is not always a bad thing. When they say,

‘Better things are in store for you.’

Believe it.

I planned so much before our trip and put together a regimented schedule. The moment we arrived in the Philippines, the schedule we prepared went out the window because low and behold, there were better things in store for us.

I filmed our special family trip and learned a lot of lessons along the way.

It was a journey of discovery…

of more than a thousand miles filled with love…

I hope to release the movies we made on my Youtube channel this year.

So, please watch this space.


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