How To Create A Luxury Spa Experience At Home

How To Create A Luxury Spa Experience At Home

We all deserve luxury experiences but many of us deprive ourselves of our much needed relaxation time and treats because we think the word ‘Luxury’ means expensive. Yes, some spas can be very expensive; with some charging hundreds of pounds for a single visit and treatment. No wonder many of us choose to forget that spas even exist! I still visit spas now and then to treat myself but if you’re like me who loves spa treatments so much (I want those treatments every week…) I have some recommendations for you. In this post, I will show you how I create a luxury spa experience in the comfort of my own home by investing in great quality luxury products. What’s even better is that many of the products I will recommend below will last a long time so that you can re-create this experience over and over again.

This post will feature products from Temple Spa which is a brand founded by Mark and Liz Warom who both created this brand out of their love of skin care and the Mediterranean. Their company ethos focuses on their love, gratitude and their pursuit of excellence in anything they make. They are fully committed to producing high quality products by teaming up with excellent partners and suppliers who help them find the best ingredients to create top skin care formulas. Not only that, they are a company who gives back by donating 10% of their profits to charities. This company is truly incredible!

You can shop the products mentioned below at the end of this post.



It’s all about re-creating the tranquil ambience of a spa and I do this by lighting some aroma candles and playing some calming music in the background. I love candle light so much. In fact, I always light a candle or put on my aroma diffuser on candle light mode when I get home from work to instantly de-stress. One of the things I love about spas are the aromatherapy scented candles and relaxing music they use to create a relaxing space for everyone. As soon as you smell those aromatic scents and listen to some calming music you will get to escape to a different world while at home. You may also prepare some hot herbal tea of your choice to drink as you begin to relax into your space in preparation for your in home spa treatments.

Light as many scented candles  as you want and spread them all around your bathroom (safely). For me, I light around 3 main aromatic candles of the same scent (this will depend on the size of your bathroom) and then I light some unscented pillar candles to add more light depending on how dimmed you want the light to be. I stick with the same fragrance when it comes to candles and I don’t mix and match scents (unless the scents compliment each other). When you light them, leave them burning for a long time to make your candles last longer but make sure you don’t leave them unattended.


Siesta Forever Relaxing Aromatic Candle (£


The Repose Suite (£



There’s nothing better than a relaxing hot bath especially in the cold winter months when all we want to do is hibernate. I love baths in the summer months too especially at night when it’s a little chilly. Temple Spa’s La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath and Shower Gel is the perfect bath product to soak in but I also use this when I take a shower in the mornings. It contains aloe vera  which I love because it’s the perfect gentle cleanser and moisturiser. It smells of peppermint, anise, rosewood and patchouli; luxury spa scents which take your senses somewhere wonderful each time you use it.


La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath and Shower Gel (£




Exfoliation is an important part of skin care and spa treatments. Scrub those dead skin cells away by using this amazing Anti-Ageing Sugar Buff Body Scrub. It not only hydrates the skin but it softens it so much too. When you use this product to exfoliate your whole body, you will notice your skin glow and and instantly, you will feel how smooth your skin is. They say sugar is bad for you but I think this one is most definitely full of sugary goodness.


Sugar Buff Mediterranean Body Scrub (£


The Sugar Buff body scrub is one of the quickest ways to exfoliate your skin. If you want a deep mud cleanse like those mud bath treatments you can get in the spa, you can re-create this treatment at home using Temple Spa’s Glorious Mud Detoxifying and Re-Mineralising All Over Body Mud. It’s perfect for a full body detox. It not only makes your skin purely cleansed, it also leaves your skin glowing.

Temple Spa describes this product as:

‘ a dense seaweed and mud body treat composed of mineral-rich blend of mud and kaolin clay combined with red algae and seaweed to stimulate metabolism and promote fat burning.’ 

‘It conditions the skin, aids muscle relaxation and best of all helps the detoxification process. With an essential oil blend of rosemary, juniper and grapefruit, plus super-food ingredients of oat and aloe vera’

I use this product by gently warming the clay between the palm of my hands and I gently put it on my body. You don’t have to cover your whole body with this if you don’t want to. You can also use this just for your focus areas which are dry and need more moisture such as your knees, elbows and shoulders. I then use the All Wrapped Up Full Body Sauna Suit after applying the mud and wait around 20 minutes before I step into a warm bath or shower to wash the mud off.

After using the Glorious Mud, you will honestly feel like you’ve just had a full luxurious mud bath treat from a first class spa.


Glorious Mud Detoxifying & Re-Mineralising All Over Body Mud (£


The All Wrapped Up Full Body Sauna Suit is gives you a home sauna experience. When you put this on, your body will retain the heat which intensifies the detox process.


All Wrapped Up Glorious Mud Full Body Sauna Suits (£




After exfoliating and cleansing, I love to moisturise and lather a lot of lotion or body cream all over my body. I do this before my skin fully dries so that the cream locks in the moisture in my skin. I use Temple Spa’s Duvet Comforting Body Cream. It’s a firming body lotion too which will make your skin look amazingly toned. It’s infused with vitamin E and essential oils of chamomile, patchouli, myrrh, frankincense and lavender. It’s deeply hydrating and it smells amazing! I use this all over my hands too.


Duvet Comforting Body Cream (£29-


When I want a quick invigorating bath, I use the In Good Spirits Energising Bathing and Massaging Oil for my skin instead of all the other skin care products mentioned above. When my neck and shoulders feel stiff, I apply this directly on to my dry skin and lightly massage this all over the areas affected to loosen up my tense muscles. It’s a great way to de-stress and relieve muscle pain. I also use this to massage my hands and moisturise them. I also run a bath and put a few drops of this in and it makes this great light foamy bath water I can soak in. It smells incredible and is a perfect travel product when you’re feeling tired from long haul flights or from being still for long periods of time! This is an amazing in home spa product and I highly recommend this! Make sure you use this carefully by placing towels on the floor to avoid slipping on any oil splashes.



In Good Spirits Energising Bathing and Massage Oil (£



Our feet suffer so much more than any part of our body sometimes. When we work jobs where we’re on our feet all day, our feet can become so stressed and painful. Even though it’s the most worked part of our body because, well, it takes pretty much all of our weight when were stood up, walking or running, we often forget to give our feet the right care and attention they deserve. I use Temple Spa’s Sole Balm Luxurious Skincare for your feet. It not only buffs away all the dry skin cells on your feet making them soft, this foot cream also relieves tension and tiredness. This also has amazing cocoa butter, soy, avocado and menthol so yes, it smells amazing too!


Sole Balm Luxurious Skincare For The Feet (£





Facials are the best! My best friend is a big fan of facial products and she always tells me the importance of facial deep cleansing. In fact, my best friend was the one who introduced me to Eve Lom’s Cleansing Balm. Temple Spa offers another top cleanser which is very similar to Eve Lom’s cleansing balm and it’s called In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt. If you want an in home facial, this is a great product to go for. It’s like an all-in-one cleanser because it softens, cleanses, polishes and brightens. It’s an emollient balm with little beads which is great for dry skin which I have so this is like a miracle product for me. When I use this, I feel the softness of my skin but not only that, I also feel the deep hydration which lasts for a long time.


In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt (£


Remove the product with Temple Spa’s Take It Off Muslin Cloth. Dampen the cloth in hot water and gently rub into your skin until all residue is removed. It gently buffs away all the dirt and dead skin cells which is great for making sure your face is clear and fully cleansed.


Take It Off- Muslin Cleansing Cloth (£



So, when I’m fully relaxed, cleansed and moisturised, I use Temple Spa’s Quietude Calming Mist to create a calm space for me to end my relaxing home spa experience. It has essential oils such as crypress, cedar wood, lavender, clove, vetivert, orange, chamomile, patchouli and frankincense which are perfect for relieving the tension and promoting great sleep. I spray some of this calming mist around my bedroom and instantly, my bedroom transforms into this amazing space where I can relax and get a good night’s rest.

Now the only problem is… I get so relaxed that it becomes so hard for me to get up in the morning!


Quietude Calming Mist (£



If you’re always travelling, busy and on the go, you may want to take a spa kit with you for those moments when you feel like you need to unwind.  These are two amazing Temple Spa product collections which I also highly recommend. You can shop all the products mentioned below.


Repose Rest and Restore Collection (£


Spa Retreat Temple Spa Discovery Collection (£


I hope this blog post inspires you to create your very own luxury home spa. Remember that you don’t have to buy all of these products to have a great spa experience at home. Choose the products which you know may work for you and you can mix and match your options to customise your own treatments and product combinations. You can even just light a few candles which you already have at home, listen to relaxing music from Youtube and soak yourself in a hot bath using your favourite bath gel. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on expensive products. I wrote this post to inspire you to take that much needed break you deserve and pamper yourself because we all deserve treats… always remember that.



Shop the products


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