I Wonder Why Some People Choose To Spoil Things For Others

I Wonder Why Some People Choose To Spoil Things For Others

There it was…a perfect shot of a perfect moment from Game of Thrones- one of the most epic battle scenes in the history of television was right there on my Facebook news feed. To say that I was outraged when I saw it is an understatement. A part of me was so angry by the poster’s thoughtless action but a part of me was also relieved. I was so glad that I made a decision to watch the episode 8 hours before I went on social media. I was that close to being a spoiler victim.

I saw multiple warnings from people on social media- urging people to avoid scrolling on their news feeds until they have finished watching the show and that’s when it hit me ‘Why should we be the ones trying our best to avoid the online web? I wouldn’t have seen this warning if I wasn’t using social media in the first place…’

I sent my brother a message and told him of what happened. I told him to avoid social media for a while until he has watched the show. That’s when he told me about the film ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and how he recently became a spoiler victim. He said that he still enjoyed watching the film however, he admitted that it didn’t leave him in shock because someone had already posted the spoiler and he found out what happens in the end. Now, I got even more frustrated at this point. My brother, someone who works so hard deserved a break to go to the cinema, relax and enjoy his favourite super hero movies. He’s actually more of a fan of these shows and movies than I am but in only a few seconds, someone ruined the excitement and fun for him. He says that he still enjoyed watching the film but I could just imagine him sitting there feeling like ‘Ugh, I know what happens in the end…’ and I felt for him. Imagine investing so much of your money and time- in some cases like the Marvel and GOT franchise where people have waited for years to get to the finale and someone just ruins it for you in a matter of seconds…

Some people may say ‘Get over it. It’s only a movie’ but what some people fail to realise is that these fictional stories take us on a journey and provide us with escapism. For a few hours, we get to immerse ourselves into a different world where good triumphs over evil. They make you believe that heroes still walk amongst us despite of all the bad things that are happening in the world. These stories give us hope and we invest so much of our precious time and money watching them. Everyone deserves to go on this journey and find out for themselves what the outcome is.

People who post spoilers are like fortune tellers that tell you when and how you’re going to die. It takes away the excitement of living and it takes away the very thing that makes life so special- not knowing what’s around the corner.

I was wondering about the psychology behind it before I turned to Google. I tried to put myself in their shoes and understand why they can’t resist posting spoilers. One of them even added this hashtag #Sorryforpostingcanthelpit


Is it like an addiction you need some help with? If it is, there’s no shame in seeking some professional help.

I thought about these people power tripping perhaps? They can’t keep the secret to themselves so they just do it to relieve themselves of the inner tension they feel inside? Or maybe, it’s like they hold some power over those who haven’t seen the show yet but the time they have over someone is of course limited (because they will eventually know what the secret is) so they just ruin it for others so they hold the power forever? Could that be reason?

Whatever the reason is behind the disrespectful act of spoiling things for others, what’s clear to me is that those who willingly choose to spoil things for other people are usually the ones who can’t fully be trusted.

To those people who just can’t resist the urge to post spoilers. You don’t need to be telling everyone how it ends. People pay their own money to watch. Let them find out for themselves.


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