It’s All About Checks, Frills, Puffs and Feathers For Summer 2018

It’s All About Checks, Frills, Puffs and Feathers For Summer 2018

I’m so excited to be writing about Spring and Summer 2018 trends for my first fashion feature. Last summer was definitely a fun and exciting season for me and I hope that this summer brings me just as much joy, if not more.

As I’m writing this, the sun is beaming outside but it’s still a little bit chilly. Some really great weather is coming though. They say that this Bank Holiday Monday will be hotter than Ibiza! We’ll see…

The thing is, great weather doesn’t last long here in the UK and so choosing the right pieces is really important for me. A few years ago, I made so many mistakes of buying ‘summer’ clothes that don’t keep me warm enough when it gets chilly at night. I also wasted a lot of money buying clothes which were not versatile enough and were only worn once or twice as a result. Now that I have learned to only buy the things I can use more than once and also wear as cross over pieces for the next seasons ahead.

I will share and show you my favourite pieces for this Spring/Summer 2018 from my two favourite high street stores: Zara and Topshop.



This is Zara’s Asymmetric Striped Tunic Dress. I think this is a great versatile piece. I love that I can wear this just on it’s own or with shorts or dark skinny jeans. I also like how I can roll up the sleeves for a more ‘puffy sleeves’ type of look which is a trend this summer or I can just wear the sleeves down as normal if I’m cold or layering this with a jacket. I would wear this with sandals or some cute sneakers.


This is another favourite of mine from Zara. Again, I love the puffy sleeves and the low cut front. I love this neutral colour. I feel like you can add some really colourful accessories with this piece to dress it up if you need to. A statement necklace would look great with this piece or some long statement earrings. I also like this piece because I can wear this with light coloured bottoms in the summer, perhaps a skirt or some jeans if it’s really hot out. I can also wear this under a long tailored jacket in the colder months and pair with dark tailored trousers.



This is a really great versatile check jacket. I love checks so much and here in the Cotswolds, checks are in all year round. I love that this gives off that cool country look. I feel like popping over to the local farm shop wearing this. I would wear this jacket with a white-t-shirt and some dark shorts or trousers as advertised by Topshop above (minus the glasses and head piece) I love that it’s oversized too as it takes away the formal look of the check pattern and it looks casual and easy to wear. I tend to roll the sleeves up of jackets like this. I also think it’s perfect for layering. I can see me wearing this in the colder months too with some black brown knitwear underneath.



This is another great check piece I love which I can wear during the summer and the winter months. I would wear this with a black mini dress underneath for the summer or with all the buttons done up as a coat dress. I can see me also layering this on top of a white-t-shirt, jeans with some heels. For the winter, I can wear this piece with some black tights and sock ankle boots or just with ankle boots alone if I’m feeling brave.






I love this mesh top because I can wear this with a bra-let as shown in the picture during the summer months but I can also wear it with a black tank top and wear this underneath a tailored or denim jacket. I love the flowers embroidered all over the blouse and the sheer look which makes it really feminine without being overly sexy. Sheer fabrics with frills are always so beautiful and super feminine to look at. I feel like this is a romantic look with an edge. Like many other pieces I mentioned, I can wear this dark tailored trousers or dark skinny jeans, denim shorts or light coloured trousers and plain skirts.



This is a feminine dress I love so much too. I don’t think I can wear this in the colder months like many other pieces I mentioned above. I feel like this is something I will only wear during the summer months if it’s really hot out. I think that everyone should have that one feminine romantic dress for the summer. I would wear this with a summer hat and gold or white sandals. This will be perfect for summer weddings too.



Whenever I wear feathers and frills, I always feel like Pocahontas. I love feathers for the summer and especially feathers in really pretty colours to make an outfit stand out. In days where I just end up wearing plain black or white top and bottom combos, I prefer to wear a bag which gives me outfit a pop of colour. I like to jazz things up with accessories. For those plain outfit days in the spring and summer,  I have picked these two handbags…



I love this pink feather handbag. This gives a subtle pop of colour to any outfit. The blush pink colour is so feminine and pretty and will surely give a romantic touch to any outfit. I’ve come to love neutral blush pinks lately. I’m not sure why I didn’t like blush pinks before. I actually wore a blush pink dress to my brother’s high school graduation years ago and I recall feeling mortified looking at my pictures but now, I say ‘Pink all the way!’





This bag is the piece I love the most and I know I will get the wear out of. This is something I can wear with almost any outfit. The great thing about this is the embroidery and the colours featured. The picture reminds me of two love birds facing each other but I know…I know they are not love birds, they are parrots. This beautiful handbag will make any neutral outfit, black or white pieces stand out. The artwork is also so amazing. I don’t think this bag will be something I will only wear in the summer, I think that I will also be wearing this in the coldest of winters, hottest of summers, rain or shine, day or night.






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    May 7, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    Enjoy reading your blog . Great content! Can’t wait for the next blog keep it up !

    • May 8, 2018 / 10:48 am

      Thank you! I’m so glad you love the posts! <3

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