I’ve got your back.

I’ve got your back.

So many people claim to have their ride or die #squad but really, it’s when the going gets tough…

that’s when they realize that squads quickly fall apart. Friends come and go and it’s really hard to say who the true ones are until you find yourself struggling.

I have a friend and honestly, he’s the best.

When we first met, he completely accepted me for me. Through our shared love of basketball and so many other things, we bonded.

He understood my ‘Americanisms’ and I never had to explain how ‘American’ the Philippines is, or that my dad is Chinese-Filipino-American and the rest of my family live in different countries so I kind of feel like I don’t really have a family. I never had to explain my homesickness and how sometimes, I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. He used to say, ‘Why fit in when you’re meant to stand out?’. He just knows why I am the way I am. He never questioned me for the little things like, why I said things like- ‘trash can’ instead of ‘bin’. When my other friends found it funny (annoying) that I called the pavement – ‘sidewalk’, or called chips- ‘fries’… my best friend just got it. He never judged me. He just got me.

‘I’ve got your back.’ is what he used to always tell me years ago when we were clueless teenagers. Whenever I felt unsure or scared, he would always say, ‘You’re amazing. Don’t worry.’

One time, I was going through something and when he came to visit our hometown, he made time to see me even though his schedule was full. I remember walking around the park with him and asking him, ‘Is everything going to be okay?’ and he said, ‘Yes. I promise you.’

Years ago, at school, while I was making music with my band mates in the music room, I cried over a boy who my friend warned me about. He slapped me with a cheese sandwich and said ‘Forget about him. He’s not worth it. You deserve better.’ I didn’t listen to him and when this boy made me cry again, he offered his shoulder for me to cry on.

I often take for granted how truly blessed I am to have amazing people in my life. If you have friends like my best friend, show them you love and appreciate them.

My friend…

He still has my back…

like he promised years ago…

He gave me another wake up call and some advice but this time, no cheese sandwich involved.

I honestly can’t wait to see him and his fiance tomorrow night.

My friend Chris…

he really is the best.


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