Lightweight Airplane Essentials For A Luxury Travel Experience

Lightweight Airplane Essentials For A Luxury Travel Experience

Travelling on long or short haul flights can be a tiring experience for anyone. Although I try and make this a calming time for me to read a book, listen to podcasts or watch movies, I still think that sitting in an aircraft for long periods of time can be stressful especially if you’re the type who gets uncomfortable and bored easily. I’ve flown with many different airlines and even though they give you their very own amenities kit to make the flight more comfortable, I still prefer to pack my own favourite products to make my trip relaxing and comfortable.

Below, I will list all the products I like to pack with me in my hand luggage for a first class luxury travel experience no matter what ticket class you have.

Remember that you can only take fluids up to 30ml when you board any aircraft and they must always be packed in clear plastic bags.

Neosporin Dual Action Ointment

Thanks to Leonardo Di Caprio giving his friend a tip who then tipped Meghan Markle who then passed the tip on to us, we now know the benefits of putting a little bit of Neosporin on a cotton swab and putting some in our nostrils to trap any bacteria, preventing us from getting ill during flights.

It’s a great tip especially because breathing in recycled air along with other passengers who may be carrying germs and viruses is something we can’t avoid so prevention of course is always good.


I always pack a small moisturiser with me whenever I travel. I prefer using Child’s Farm travel size moisturiser in Grapefruit and Tea Tree because it smells amazingly refreshing. Long haul flights are especially hard because the cabins can get so dry and our skin needs a little bit more hydration during these times. Pack any moisturiser which suits your skin.

Lip Balm

I prefer using Lanolips 101 Ointment because I can use it as a lip balm, moisturiser and highlighter. It’s the perfect travel companion and I make sure I have this in my handbag too. If you want something a bit more tinted, my favourite is the Lanolips Rhubarb lip balm with SPF 20.

Eye drops

I have a few favourite eye drops but the latest one I really love is the Optrex Intensive. Depending on whether you wear contact lenses or not, it’s important to use the right eye drops for you so consult a qualified optometrist for professional advice. It’s great to use eye drops to freshen your eyes especially during long haul flights to hydrate them and make you feel more awake and ready when you get to your destination.

Body Sprays

I like to use light body sprays and fragrances whenever I’m travelling. I love refreshing scents especially and my all time favourite is Victoria Secret’s Pure Seduction. I tend to avoid heavy perfumes when travelling so I don’t overwhelm the other passengers around me with musky smells and other perfumes which can give anyone a headache. Sometimes, when I feel that my moisturiser scent is enough, I actually don’t use a body spray altogether.

Facial wipes

Facial wipes are great to refresh your face. It’s a great way to wake yourself up too when you’re feeling so lethargic. Facial wipes are a great way to take off any excess oil and it’s a great way to clean your face before you decide to apply any moisturiser or BB cream. In air planes where there’s not so much room for us to wash our face- unless you’re travelling first class, facial wipes are a great alternative. My favourite is Simple’s Facial Wipes which are fragrance and paraben free.

Anti-bacterial Gel and wipes

I always keep an antibacterial gel in my handbag and when I’m travelling, I like to keep antibacterial wipes in my hand luggage. I always wipe all the surfaces surrounding my seat- the arm rest, the table tray… everything I can disinfect- I wipe because it’s better to be safe than sorry. My favourites are Cuticura’s range of antibacterial gels and Wet Ones antibacterial wipes.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

For short haul flights, mints are great but for long haul flights, you will certainly need a toothpaste, toothbrush and some dental floss with you. I like Dentex dental floss range which can come with nice travel cases in different colours and my trusted Oral B toothpaste and toothbrush– all travel size of course.

Eye mask

It’s great to have an eye mask when you’re trying to get to sleep. Although they turn the lights down to help passengers drift off to sleep, they still leave a little bit of night light for safety reasons so if you’re like me who needs  complete darkness in order to sleep, eye masks are the best things you can have. If you also don’t like the sunny glares from other people’s windows, eye masks are great to protect your eyes and to help you nap. I love my Ted Baker satin sleep eyemask with matching travel socks.

Ear buds

It’s great to have ear buds to block out the air plane noise during flights. Sometimes airlines will provide you with some but if you’re on the look out for really good quality ear buds, I can recommend Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds for £229.95. They mask outside noise and they are super comfortable. They last for so long and are really good quality so they’re really good value for money.

Cotton Socks

Comfortable socks are amazing to wear anytime but most especially during long haul flights when relaxing on the plane can be such a difficult thing to do. As mentioned above, I use my Ted Baker ones which came with the sleep mask but you can also purchase socks which are 100% cotton and of course, the thicker they are, the better.

Travel Pillow

Sleeping during flights is an impossible thing to do. If you’re flying first class, this may not be the issue for you but people like us who fly economy or business class still need our trusted travel pillows. There’s nothing worse than feeling so uncomfortable when trying to sleep. People like me who are worried about accidentally resting our head on someone else’s shoulders, travel pillows are a must. I love the ones which you can get from Boots and if you’re travelling with a partner, look out for their buy one get one half price deal. They’re usually £14.99 each.

Facial Cream with SPF

I don’t like wearing heavy makeup when I’m travelling but I always make sure I wear my favourite BB cream with SPF 20. Garnier has some really good BB creams and Bobbi Brown has this amazing tinted moisturising balm which has SPF 25. It retails for £40 but it’s like a moisturiser and light foundation, all in one. It’s amazing and definitely adds moisture to the face while giving you that youthful glow without looking too cakey or oily. It’s lightweight and perfect for travelling.


My sunglasses are definitely important to me and anywhere I go, I always have them. They’re great for protecting your eyes if they are sensitive to the light. If you don’t have an eye mask, sunglasses are a great alternative. They’re great to polish up any outfit too if you wear classic oversized sunglasses.

They are perfect to hide tired eyes too in case you didn’t get much rest during your flight.

I love my Biba sunglasses and of course like me, many people love their Ray Ban aviator shades.


I love listening to podcasts when I’m travelling. It helps to get me focused and it’s a great way to avoid scrolling through social media when I prep myself for no social media days when travelling. I find that the easiest ways to read a book nowadays is by listening to audio books too. I could be walking through terminals or duty free while listening to my podcasts and audio books. Audible is a great site to buy audio books from but Youtube is also great for free audiobooks and podcasts. Download in advance because of course, you can’t use your data during your flights.

Bottled Water

It’s so important to keep yourself hydrated especially when you’re travelling. Dehydration is the main cause of headaches for most people and I believe that keeping a bottle of water with you is so important. I suggest having bottled water in flight because they say that the water served by cabin crews (apart from ones which are sealed in bottles) are from airplane tanks which don’t get cleaned that much. I’m not sure about the accuracy of this information but to be safe, carry a big bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated. Our favourite is of course Evian. 


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