No Matter What You Do, There’s Always Someone Who Will Like or Dislike You

No Matter What You Do, There’s Always Someone Who Will Like or Dislike You

It’s been a while since I last published a blog post. I’ve drafted a few but I haven’t finished them yet and I’m really looking forward to publishing them soon.

As some of you may know, I started a Youtube channel a few months ago. I still don’t quite know what the main focus of my channel will be. The main issue that I’m having right now is that I don’t have much time to vlog or edit. That’s mainly because there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do everything I need to do. I also don’t think my music practice, vocal warm ups, washing dishes and doing laundry are all that interesting so I try not to publish those types of content. l I even tried to vlog while grocery shopping but I get so distracted by Cheetos, ice cream and golden syrup cakes that I forget to do a full vlog. I will be trying my best to vlog and post on Youtube more but for now, I will be focusing my energy on a few things including figuring out the main focus of my channel.

I also want to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who have subscribed to my channel so far. I’m so proud to know that my followers (apart from four people who are close to me) are strangers who have chosen to subscribe to my channel. So far, I have 97 subscribers and although it’s a small number for some, for me, this is a huge number, it warms my heart when one or two of you leave a comment my channel so from the bottom of my heart, I want to say ‘Thank You.’ to every single one of you.

When I first started my Youtube channel- THE TALA by Franz, I thought that I would be upset when I received my first dislike. I was surprised to find out (I received my first one within a few hours of me publishing my first video) that I wasn’t affected by it at all. In fact, I felt the opposite of what I thought I was going to feel. I was grateful that someone actually took the time, even a few seconds of their precious time to watch my video and react to it. However, I slowly started to notice a pattern. Each time I published a video on my channel and shared the video link on my Facebook page, I always seemed to receive my first dislike reaction within only a few minutes. Is this normal? Maybe… But it did make me wonder…

When I published my video ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing’, I noticed that in less than five minutes (I doubt that they even finished the video because it’s around 17 minutes long), it received it’s first dislike. It was something I expected to happen given what’s been happening with my other videos but I found myself smiling and thinking to myself-

‘There’s always that one person…’

In life, no matter what we do, there’s always that someone who will dislike us. Sometimes, their dislike may be warranted and sometimes they may just dislike us for no reason other than try and hurt us. There’s always someone who will criticise our every move and notice all our flaws. Despite our efforts to do good, they only see the bad. There will always be that one person and sadly, there may even be more.

The saddest part of it I guess is also the fact that sometimes, you may find that the ones who are closest to you are the ones who choose to dislike you, your actions and your choices.

I want to share a few stories with you…

When I was blessed with an incredible opportunity to join a prestigious national pageant a couple of years ago, one of my best friends from elementary school sent a message to our other friend to inform her about it. My best friend, (we’ll call her ‘D’ for this post), got in touch with me straight away to congratulate me. She also asked if something happened between me and our other friend (we’ll call her ‘G’ for this post). I was confused by the question because as far as I was aware, we were fine. I asked why she asked and that’s when she told me that G’s response to her news about my pageant wasn’t very nice.

It turns out, this was G’s first response-

‘Isn’t she too old for that now?’. It took both D and I by surprise.

After the pageant, another woman who had made rumours up about me years ago back when I was a Freshman in high school wrote a derogatory comment about me on the bottom of one of my pageant videos. This was the same woman who claimed to support me and liked every single pageant marketing post I published leading up to the event. It took me by surprise when I read her comment but at the same time, I was so glad that at that point in my life, I had already learned how to be strong enough to rise above it all. I was grateful for the wisdom that I had to understand that her comment may have stemmed from something she is personally going through.

The ones we love can sometimes be the very ones who hurt us. Sometimes, they don’t even know or realise that they are doing this. I learned throughout the years that we are not in control of what other people think of us. We can only be in control of our own actions and reactions. We are human beings and so we are not perfect. There will be moments for praise and criticism. The most important thing to realise is that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and we must respect that as long as they are not going overboard with threats to physically hurt us.

I know that when I was younger and used to be bullied by others, all I wanted to do was to hurl the same abusive words back to them. I’m not proud of the moments when I would retaliate and give in to the negative energy they fired at me. I wasted my energy and time feeling angry towards these people and I would use all my pent up anger and write clapbacks to put them in their place.

I didn’t realise that I was losing my own place. I lost my peace and the positive vibes I naturally have. I love to smile. I love to laugh and I realise now that perhaps that is why they want to ruin it. They say some people tend to love ruining things. Some say that abusive bullies love it when you react to their evil deeds. In hindsight, if I could do things all over again, I wouldn’t react at all. I wouldn’t give them the time of day. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. I would have just walked away.

When I was younger, I cried over other people’s opinions of me. I look back and think, ‘How silly of me!’. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m just grateful for the time they take to even think of me. Words can hurt. Absolutely. It’s hard to ignore bullies when all you want to do is fight back. Unfortunately, we can’t control what people choose to hurl at us, the rumours they make up about us and the abuse they decide to torment us with. We can’t control the likes and dislikes we receive in life. What we can do however is to protect our own space, cut out the people in our lives who give us nothing but negativity and do only the things that make us happy.


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