Pruning Shears: A Poem by Franz

Pruning Shears: A Poem by Franz

When you are shamed remember,

That those who shame you have their own shame to bear

They fear mirrors and reflections

Their sins they won’t lay bare

When your good deeds go unnoticed know,

That all deeds are seen and witnessed

Not all eyes need to be open

Not everything needs to be addressed

When others steal and borrow,

Without knowing how to beg or give thanks,

Don’t be filled with sorrow

For in life there’s a circle that won’t bend

When others wound and cut you

Take away their shears


Cut the ties that bind you

Prune your life

Without any fears

When others don’t believe you

Stand tall and be proud

The truth is the truth


Hold on and say it out loud

When you are misunderstood

Waste no time

To make others understand

Those who love you, stand with you

Others will turn your ground into quicksand

When those who are high and mighty judge you

and your relationship with God

Don’t let them fool you into thinking

That man can judge man

God is not judging you up there

God is everywhere.

In your mind, heart and soul

He knows before you whisper

He hears before you call

When others dare to break your spirit

Fear not for your soul can’t be broken

For you, the doors will open

Go through each one with courage then

Always remember that

You can.

by Franz


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