‘RED’ (Taylor’s Version) is here and it hit so close to home…

‘RED’ (Taylor’s Version) is here and it hit so close to home…

I’m not a ‘Swiftie’.

In fact, when Taylor’s first RED studio album came out back in 2012, I didn’t really appreciate it. A decade later, she decided to claim her power back and stick it to the man who restricted her and sold master copies of her songs. She re-recorded the whole album and called it- RED (Taylor’s Version).

I say, ‘Good for you Taylor!’

I was today years old when I found out that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal dated a decade ago. I saw all the memes this morning on Buzzfeed and I nearly choked on my bagel. I wasn’t ready for all the comedic geniuses who dominated Twitter since the album’s release last Friday. Many jokes and memes have been made about Taylor Swift’s dating life. It’s sad how, even though it takes two to Tango, it was always Taylor who looked like ‘The Crazy Cat Lady’ who wrote about her exes. I’m not even surprised her exes mostly came out unscathed thanks to gender privilege and good PR reps (apart from Jake Gyllenhaal- I think he’s going to have a rough few months…).

Kudos to her for using her heartbreak as inspiration; she created a multimillion dollar empire and gave us tracks we can all relate to. That is how you make lemonade my friends! I listened to the full album this morning. I have to be honest and say, I got a little choked up.

The album reminded me of the days when I had a useless Blackberry and wore chestnut Ugg boots to uni. I lost the memory card so, I lost all the pictures I took from 2008-2012. Maybe it’s a good thing I lost them all, because the camera quality was bad anyway and I made some questionable fashion choices. Also, as much as I love to reminisce about the past, I kind of want to forget about a lot of things that happened in my life around that time.

Do I blame Taylor for having trust issues and loving cats more than boys? No. I don’t. I watched the short film- All Too Well (10 minute version)’ and it hit so close to home. No one stole my scarf like Jake did and no, I didn’t have plaid shirt days (because I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing plaid), but someone kind of ruined my 21st birthday too and piled up a lot of dishes for me to wash (Swifties, you know what I mean). The scenes and all the lines don’t need to be exactly the same. As we all know, pain is pain when it comes to love and romance.

Now, I can see why Taylor is the ‘Queen of the Breakup Song’.

Some people say, ‘It’s been a decade since this happened so, she should just get over it and move on.’

Well, I say, if she moved on too soon, we wouldn’t have RED 2.0. It really doesn’t matter whether she’s over it or not. Some people take years to get over someone and some people take a day. I don’t think it’s fair to rush anyone to do anything. We must learn to work through things at our own pace and let people deal with their stuff in their own time. What’s the rush anyway?

There are lessons to be learned in every experience and heartbreak we go through. I think the biggest lesson of all is this: loving yourself first and foremost. As hard as it is to do, we must do it. Be strong enough to stand on your own so that no one can break you.

This is now the part where I’ll sound like a ‘Swiftie’ and use some of Taylor’s lyrics as inspiration…

People can be so unpredictable sometimes and I’m not just talking about romance here…

One minute they love you and adore you, the next minute they drop you like Jake’s keychain on the ground. One minute, they build you up and tell you ‘unoriginal’ things you want to hear, then they break you like a promise. There are times when they make you feel like you’re the only thing that matters and sometimes, you find yourself in the dark, kept like a secret. Sometimes, we find ourselves in heaven but then, when the heartbreak comes, we find ourselves in a new hell over and over again…

until we’re over it…

and we remember all too well

all the memories with emotions attached….

You may be wondering why I got choked up when I listened to the album?

Well, it’s because instead of dwelling on the bad things that happened, I also remember ‘all too well’ the good times and the lessons I learned from all the experiences I’ve had. I managed to heal and grow my ‘I love myself.’ muscles every time my heart was torn apart. Without being conceited and selfish, I can proudly say, I love myself. I really do.

and my friends, you should love yourself too.


forgive yourself…

If you’re struggling to get over someone, don’t rush. You’ll get over that person somehow, because if I can do it, you can do it too. Just remember that, as much as we want to forget, we will have moments of weakness now and then. It’s only natural for us to think of the past. We can’t avoid seeing all the colours of love when we look back and think of all the memories we made. The most beautiful colour of all is of course, RED, and when I see that in my head, like ‘flashbacks and echoes’, I can’t help but feel amazing. If you find yourself feeling the same, don’t judge yourself and fight it. Just roll with it.

After all, red is the colour of Love

and they say, Love is the most powerful force in the world.

and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.


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