Should go to the left
but I'm turning right
No end in sight
Highway's clear 
Skies lit up with diamonds
No destination tonight
I'm counting every second
It doesn't even matter
Just having you near
Winter feels like summer
No need for explanations
All I care about is what I'm feelin'
These sensations you keep on givin'
I'm divin' in
Right now
I'm givin in
No point in even pretendin' 
Who cares about the signs ahead
Don't need to read 'em
Don't even care 'bout what they said
What's the problem? 
Bet you didn't see it comin' 
Hit you like a rocket
How could I forget?
The time you told me what you wanted
Since then you got me blinded
No choice but to follow you instead
We have two
Maybe three avenues
Which one shall we take?
Wanna hold on to you
Got nothing in my pocket
Nothin' to offer you
The last thing I want is to miss it
Who can predict
Coz everytime I say I'm done
I go and see you one more time
I swear I'm losin' it
Who knows
Where these roads may take us
When I'm with you
I lose all focus
And maybe this is how it's supposed to be
Baby give me signals 
While I hold you close to me

by Franz (, THE TALA by Franz, Copyright January 12 2022)


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