So, I Tried The Caviar Creams From Lacura

So, I Tried The Caviar Creams From Lacura

I decided to try Lacura’s Anti-Age Caviar Illumination Day and Night Creams from Aldi. The range received great reviews and they say that this is just as good as La Prairie’s caviar creams too which normally retails for around £200-£300. They were only £6.99 each so I went ahead and gave these a go. I was actually thinking about whether or not these would be too harsh on my skin because the recommended age group for these products are 45+ but I thought about the great ingredients of the product and the low price point so I took the plunge and bought them anyway.

Lacura claims that they used fine ingredients in these caviar creams. Both creams feature as the name suggests Caviar extract which they claim helps to reduce visible signs of aging. These creams also have Hyaluronic acid which a favourite ingredient of mine for any skin care product. Hyaluronic acid is great for moisturisation and it locks in water which helps ensure that your skin is hydrated throughout the day and night. It also helps to soothe and repair damaged skin.

The really interesting ingredient they added with these creams is the Snow Algae extract which they claim helps to stimulate collagen synthesis. That pretty much suggests to me that it helps boost collagen production which is of course the main thing you would want any anti-aging product to do.

They are well packaged and the pots are heavy just like premium/high-end skin care products so you wouldn’t think that you’re using a £6.99 cream. I had some creams from Lancome and Estee Lauder in the past which were actually similarly packaged so these Lacura caviar cream pots reminded me of those.


The creams are thick in consistency and they’re easily absorbed in the skin. I would say that these creams are probably best suited for people who have dry skin. They’re not greasy at all so I would say that these wouldn’t be bad for people with oily skin either but typically when it comes to thick creams, I always think they’re great for people who need more hydration. Some people have reviewed this product online as good for oily skin too so I would say you can still give these a go.

These creams smell great; it’s a light scent which isn’t over powering but I think if you are quite sensitive when it comes scented creams, I suggest to perhaps do a skin test on this first. I prefer the scent of these creams compared to their Q10 range.


Even though I’ve only been using this product for a week to really know if I would see visible results, I would say that these creams are great if you want to try out a luxury product which is really inexpensive. A lot of women (even women in their 20’s) swear by these Lacura caviar creams and you never know, these creams may work for you. I know that my first impressions are that these creams really nourish my skin every time I use them and whenever I use them, I forget that they’re only £6.99 a pot. Aldi really did a great job in creating great skin care products.


If you’re wondering what the boxes look like, I’ve taken a picture of the products with the boxes featured too.



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