So, We Finally Started Watching ‘Game Of Thrones’ and This Is What We Think

So, We Finally Started Watching ‘Game Of Thrones’ and This Is What We Think

I remember the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge saying in an interview once that they really love the GOT series and I thought, ‘If the real life royals love it, then, it must be really good!’. I started watching Season 1 five years ago (even then, I was already five years too late) and I found it hard to get into it. I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t like it either. I found it slow and a little boring to watch at the start. When they killed off Ned Stark, just when I was about to name him my favourite character, I was surprised and slightly annoyed. I didn’t trust the show and it felt like I was definitely going to be in for a stressful few months of watching it. I was already stressed enough at the time and so I stopped altogether after the second season.

I later learned that my fiance’s stepbrother is actually friends with Kit Harrington, the actor who plays Jon Snow. I also just found out that my teacher is friends with Isaac Hempstead Wright’s mother who plays Bran Stark. I thought, ‘Wow, what a small world we really live in!’

I grew up reading medieval stories about knights and dragons. I loved stories about King Arthur and the knights of the round table when I was a young girl. I still recall feeling a little confused and shocked at my self at how I wasn’t affected by the hype that surrounded the GOT series. A lot of people were raving about including my brother and his wife back when the show first started ten years ago. It was as if I had too much King Arthur in the past that now I was more interested in watching MTV’s The Hills and The City.

I’m not really into TV shows anymore but I have to admit that I still love Japanese anime and I was more hooked on ‘Attack on Titan’ and ‘Hinamatsuri’ than any other show recently. Truth is, we just don’t have the time to watch anything anymore. We have so much work to do. I’m learning and training to do so many things and I have this blog too. I really wanted to give GOT another chance because everyone is so geared up for it. Although I’m not the type who follows the crowd, I was really intrigued and I suddenly found myself getting so excited over a TV show I didn’t bother to carry on watching. It was when I asked my fiance ‘What do you think the ending will be?’ and when he answered ‘We don’t even watch it anymore’ that I realised we definitely need to watch it.

Eight seasons later, my fiance and I finally gave in and started watching GOT again. I like stories about power play and I believe that although it’s a fictional story, I find that I enjoy watching the show now. My fiance and I are so busy (as usual) and so we chose to watch catch up videos on Youtube and the important episodes that include big scenes and plot twists.

What I really love about this series aside from the incredible script, are the actors. Not only are they amazingly talented, there is no denying that casting director Nina Gold has done a fantastic job in putting together such a strong cast of actors who just look like they were born to play their roles. It’s clear to see that everyone involved has lived and breathed the show.

I highly recommend watching the catch up videos on Youtube for anyone who doesn’t have the time to watch more than 60 episodes of the show. I really love the battle and dragon scenes the most. It’s hard to pick a favourite character in this show; it’s a game of power after all. I think that if anything, you will take a lot of life lessons from it too. It shows a lot of what humans are capable of doing and to what extent they would go to achieve their goals. It tells the story of so many characters and their journey through their quest for greatness and power. Throughout the victories and the losses, the joys and pains, it certainly is a great game of life story everyone will enjoy and learn from.

Now we’re pretty much up to date with everything, we are enjoying the final season of GOT. Even though we’re not the biggest fans of the show, at least we’ve watched one of the biggest TV series of our generation.

Update: We just watched the third episode of the eighth season. I can honestly say that it was so intense and the most epic battle I have ever watched so far.


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