Sometimes, We Achieve More When We Slow Down

Sometimes, We Achieve More When We Slow Down

When I was little, I thought that adults who were always in a hurry were the most successful. Growing up in a big city certainly had it’s perks. I learned a lot just from people watching. I got to observe people from all walks of life rushing around every day like there’s no tomorrow. I still remember the day I saw a man in a suit, walking while he was eating a breakfast bun with his left hand and texting using his right hand as he hailed a cab by raising his leg. He clearly stood out from the crowd and within minutes, he was on his way. I was in awe of his multi tasking skills and I thought, ‘I want to have those skills too someday.’

So, I rushed and rushed. I lived my life in hurry. I remember some things that have happened in my life and some of the adventures I’ve had, I don’t remember much. I lived in life’s fast lane (minus the danger and vices) and I’m grateful because I got to do a lot more than I ever imagined. Now and then, I find myself looking in the mirror as I brush my teeth or hair wondering ‘Where did the time go?’. That’s usually when I start wishing for the impossible- to go back in time and undo some things. I wish that I slowed down and took all those exciting experiences a little bit more. Looking back, I realised that I did too much too fast that I hardly remember.

I used to think that the word ‘Slow’ is one of the main reasons for missed opportunities and failures. ‘Our time is limited so we must act now.’ was what I used to live by. Although that is still something I believe in, I’ve also come to understand the value in slowing things down now and again.

Jumping into action without fully understanding instructions and making assumptions without taking the time to evaluate situations have landed me in some difficult circumstances – all because I acted in haste. Soon, I learned that there’s value in taking our time and acting with care.

My mother is an elegant and sophisticated woman and what fascinates me the most about her is that she takes things one step at a time. My mother is never in a rush to do anything. She is always calm and collected. Sometimes, when my eagerness to get things done takes over, I find myself rushing her when we’re doing things together. Despite of this, she maintains her pace and she doesn’t let anyone ruin her flow. She takes her time and always to my surprise, she gets more things done in less than half the time needed.

I was learning to play a piece of music last night and after an hour of failing as I rushed through the piece, I slowed down. I made sure that I moved my fingers in slow motion and again, to my surprise, I finally learned it in less than ten minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with rushing; if you must do it then you have to. There will be some situations where you will need to act swiftly however, it is important for us to remember that sometimes, we achieve more when we slow things down. When we take the time to plan carefully, we avoid making mistakes that need to be put right. If you have the time, slow down. When we do, we take in all the fine details. We see things more clearly when don’t let the minutes and hours quickly pass us by. We have control of our precious time and that’s an achievement that can never be surpassed by anyone because those memories are treasures which will always be yours.

When we take our time, we get to savour all the seconds and minutes without wondering-

Where did the time go?’


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