Super Blood Blue Moon

Super Blood Blue Moon

Close your eyes and think back to when you were a child. Did you look up at the stars and dream about a life full of wonder, beauty and love?

I did.

I decided to write my first blog post on this day to honour three rare cosmic events which are about to happen this evening (all at the same time). So rare that it hasn’t happened in 150 years.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, look up at the moon and experience a gift from the universe.

 ‘Super Blood Blue Moon’ 

We get blue moons when we have two full moons in one month. A super moon happens when the moon is closest to the earth. We get a total lunar eclipse when the sun, the earth and the moon are all aligned in a straight line.

These three magical events will occur all the same time. How blessed are we to be able to witness such wonder tonight?

Who is behind this amazing work? Who created such a beautiful dance between all the stars? Maybe the universe is trying to tell us that no matter how misaligned some things in our lives are, there will come a time when a miracle such as this event will happen to make everything aligned just right- like the sun, earth and the moon tonight.

I look up at the moon to dream and to send love to all those who I care for. When I miss the people I love who live far away, I find comfort in reminding myself that they are with me in spirit and that they are looking at the very same moon I see. Whenever I see the sun rise, I shine within too and believe that anything is possible. That’s the beauty of the sun, the moon and the stars… They remind me of how blessed we are to be alive and to live in the moment.

It saddens me to think that as humans, we tend to turn to other forms of entertainment to soothe our suffering and to distract us from the hard things we experience in life. We often take for granted the beautiful things that surround us. We often pay more attention to things that make us feel miserable. We pay money for things because we think they will make us happy but more often than not, they add to the suffering and unhappiness we feel.

As I write this post, my heart is filled with so much happiness and love. I hope for this website to be an online space where we could all share our stories, experiences, interests and lifestyle choices so that we may learn from them and grow as beautiful human beings together.

I remember sitting in front of our very first IBM computer when I was little, hoping to own and start a website and finally, my dream has come true. I want to encourage you all to dream big because you will be amazed by the magical events that will unfold to lead you to the fulfilment of your desires.

So, my friends… look up at the stars and make a wish, remember that you are loved and never stop dreaming.


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