The Benefits of Mindful Journals

The Benefits of Mindful Journals

As we welcome the new year ahead of us, we start to think about our resolutions and goals. This is the time for embracing the changes that are about to come our way- the time for new beginnings. Many of us will be searching for the perfect journal. Putting our thoughts on paper is incredibly therapeutic and for many years, writing in journals has been a popular method for many of us to log pretty much everything- our feelings, our thoughts…our memories. I’ve had journals in the past however, I found that there were some days I missed. A little bit like missing gym days, I can’t help but get annoyed with myself when I forget to write in my diaries. The other day, I found a book by Tara Ward called ‘Mindful Journaling’ and it’s honestly one of the best journals I have ever had.

‘Mindful Journaling’ is a journal that doesn’t expect anything from you apart from asking you to be in the moment. On top of each page, you will find a set of tasks and questions that force you to be still and be in the moment. If you find it hard to be still and remain present, don’t worry. Log your feelings down on the page and this is how it helps you to explore your innermost feelings. It helps you accept the struggles you are facing. It also helps you explore your thoughts and in a way, this is a perfect log book to see how your emotions develop in many ways as you continue to use it.

To be in the moment and to become fully aware of your surroundings can be a challenging thing to do. Have you ever noticed that when you attempt to empty your mind when you’re meditating, your mind gets cluttered even more? The more you force yourself to think of nothing, the more you think of many things. This journal will sometimes make you feel as though it’s challenging to remain present in the moment but remember that there’s no judgement here. It will simply ask you to write down and describe what it felt like for you in the moment you were trying to do the task stated above each page. If you found it hard to focus, write about your experience. If you found that getting to a relaxed state is easy and that the experience was a breeze, write about those feelings too. Don’t judge yourself when you’re using the journal. Free yourself and you will notice how powerful the simple act of writing in a journal can be for you.

Mindful journals can be used everyday but you can also use it as and when you need to. There is no pressure and no expectation from you. There is only freedom when you own these types of journals. You can be as open as you want and you can start on any page. You don’t have to start from page one and work your way up religiously. You can choose the task that appeals most to you and start from there.

You also don’t need to write too many words. You can write as much or as little as you want. Remember that this journal is for you. You can write about your feelings if it helps you shake all those negative emotions or if you want to remember and make a note of all the wonderful memories you’ve just experienced.

Mindful journals can also help you when it comes to your end of year reflections. They help you understand your life journey and as Tara Ward says- ‘Rewrite the script of your life’. There is nothing better than seeing how much you have grown over the years and it’s amazing when you read some of the lessons you have learned in life. You can track your progress or setbacks and learn from everything you have experienced.

I hope that you enjoy rewriting the script of your life and I wish you all the happiness and love for the new year ahead.


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