The Makeup Brushes I Will Always Love

The Makeup Brushes I Will Always Love

Believe it or not, a few years ago, I only used my fingers to apply makeup and while I still love to do that (especially when I’m applying sheer foundations), I love applying my makeup with brushes now. I own a few makeup brushes from different brands but there is a brand I know I’ll always love and that is- REAL TECHNIQUES.

At first, I didn’t know which makeup brush brand to go for. There were so many to choose from and I didn’t really want to splurge a lot on makeup brushes that would let me down again. The reason why I actually chose to use my fingers for a long time is because I found that the other brushes I used in the past didn’t really work at all. The bristles were either too hard on my skin and the bristles sometimes fell off. They weren’t cheap makeup brushes either so I was so disappointed with those items and vowed never to waste my money on brushes I’m unsure of buying. It wasn’t until I found a lot of Youtubers promote Real Techniques that I checked out the official Real Techniques Youtube channel too. On my next trip to Boots, I bought six makeup brushes from their collection.

I also love their beauty sponge. As much as I love the sponges from Beauty Blender, I actually think that Real Techniques beauty sponges offer the same finish as some of the other more expensive brands out there. Below, I will write about some of the reasons why I love Real Techniques.



I first bought Real Techniques brushes back in 2013 and I’m happy to say that I still have and use them today. I have bought other brushes since then but I can’t believe that my very first Real Techniques brushes are still in great condition today. I look after my stuff well but I didn’t really expect that the Real Techniques brushes would last this long. Five years on and they’re still giving me the same finish as they did before. The handles have not faded in colour (apart from the writing on the back fading a little) and the bristles are still in very good condition (This is even after washing the brushes every week for years). They hold their shape too after washing and drying them.



Real Techniques have many makeup brush sets but one of my favourites is their ‘Everyday Essentials’ set. I recently bought this set a few weeks back. When I’m travelling or staying with my parents or friends over the weekend, I love having these five tools with me. I don’t feel as though I need to take my whole makeup brush collection with me when I have these. They’re also super light weight and not too big so they’re easy to pack. I love how I can use the different brushes for different purposes too. They are versatile and one brush can be used for many different things, for example, I can use the blush brush to set my translucent powder or use the setting brush as my highlighter brush. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean your brush before using different products on it, I’m sure we all don’t want blush all over our face.



Nothing makes me happier than getting value for my money. I’m a believer of investing our money on great quality products so sometimes, if a product is expensive, I still purchase them because I think that sometimes (really, not all the time), some items are actually worth the money. I’m surprised at how inexpensive these Real Techniques brushes are but they really do deliver great results. Each brush costs an average of around £9.99-12.00 but, if you purchase them as sets, they’re even cheaper. Can you believe that this ‘Real Techniques Everyday Essentials’ set is only £20 full price? Sometimes, they’re even cheaper with multi-buy discounts.


Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Set (£20)



I love how incredibly soft Real Techniques brushes are. I’ve had makeup brushes in the past which were quite hard on my skin. These brushes are so soft that I actually look forward to brushing them on my face. After washing and drying them, they’re even softer. I look forward to using a clean brush every time I wash them but, even when I’m on my fourth day of using them and they have products all over the bristles, they still deliver great results.



I highly recommend Real Techniques brushes if you’re looking for great quality brushes to add to your collection. As I mentioned above, they’re really inexpensive and would definitely be a great addition to your makeup collection. Recently, I also spotted some handbag versions of these brushes- they’re smaller and can fit in pretty much any makeup bag; not to mention they were super cute!

We have Sam and Nic (Founders of Real Techniques) to thank for their amazing creations… Hope you enjoy these brushes too if you decide to purchase them yourself!




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