Walk on Water

Walk on Water


at three in the morning, I woke thinking it was Sunday

The room was dark with hints of gray

Shining through the cracks of the window blinds

My phone rang,

Someone asked me for help so

I gave them my hand

I gave all the things I left behind

They always say, ‘Be kind’

Much to my dismay

even after I gave everything I could away

I was questioned about why I did the things I did in May

when I removed myself from toxic relationships

That’s all I did

and they think that’s so mean?


Because I’ve had enough of this sinking ship

It’s clear they want me to remain placid

Just like I did

when I was young and naive

See, people mistreat you

then get mad when you say

No more. No more. I don’t think so.

I only did what my heart whispered

I should have listened to my gut a long time ago.

Beside me, my other half awoke

He shook his head as he listened in on the call as we spoke

His heart broke

Once again for me,

when he saw how much money and time I gave freely

He said ‘They’re bullies.’

‘Hang up the call’, he mimed to me

but I didn’t

and the call was just another one of those attempts to mould me

as if I’m made of clay


I don’t want to play

the same games anymore

where I’m set up to lose

because there’s no end to the abuse

and for the first time in my life I thought

‘What’s the use?’

the same old patterns are now starting to become a bore

So I cut the thin line of thread

because I didn’t want to tread

on eggshells anymore

and now I feel like I can walk on water

What a miracle that I didn’t falter

I’m alive and have never felt better

All I think of now is,

I wish I had done this sooner!

and so if you ever

find yourself walking on eggshells bare feet

Living amongst a rotten fleet

Don’t wait around stuck on a shore

Don’t do the same things you did before

You can never change their core

The sea is not as dangerous as you think

You don’t have to settle

You can always choose better

Don’t tread on eggshells

Walk on water


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