What Clothes To Pack When Travelling To Rome In Winter

What Clothes To Pack When Travelling To Rome In Winter

We went on a last minute trip to Rome. I panicked a little because I didn’t know what clothes to pack. Thanks to British Airways and their generous 23 kg luggage allowance, I was able to cram in quite a few pieces from my wardrobe even though I really didn’t know what to wear. My fiance said that Italy will be warmer than the UK’s freezing cold temperatures. When we left, it was around 4 degrees and so when I looked at the weather forecast for Rome and it showed 13-14 degrees, we thought that it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold- ‘All you need is a light jacket’.

We were wrong. It was pretty chilly and you will most definitely need more than a light jacket in the evenings. Coats and gloves are a must especially if you plan on spending most of the day walking around the city to visit it’s most famous landmarks.

In this post, you will find my recommended list of clothes to wear when visiting Rome in November.


I suggest that you pack a couple of coats if you’re going for a week or so. I didn’t think that I would need more than one coat so I only took my black tailored coat but I wish I had two. You will spend most of your days wearing your coat so for photos, if you want a variety of shots of you wearing different outfits, then I suggest you pack at least a couple of coats.

I also suggest packing with you a puffer jacket for your flights especially if you’re spending a lot of time waiting for transfers or the airport lounge. It’s nice to have a cuddly puffer jacket to keep you warm. It also doubles as a soft pillow if you want to rest your head.

Light Jackets and Blazers

Pick a light jacket or a nice tailored blazer with you. In a city like Rome, where you will spend a lot of time walking and stopping at cafes and restaurants, it’s all about layering pieces. A nice tailored jacket will be a great thing to wear when you’re out for a midday walk. If you get too hot, you can still look smart and stylish. I loved wearing my River Island black jacket with silver details and sharp shoulder pads on our first day in Rome. It’s a smart statement piece to wear for days and evenings. We didn’t want to stop by at the hotel to get changed over and over again so smart tailored jackets are great to change up you look over your basic turtle necks and cardigans.

Smart Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans are the best things to pack if you’re on holiday and unsure as to what style to go for. They’re so versatile and comfortable to wear when you’re out for long walks during your city breaks. They’re also so easy to pair with so many pieces. The whole time we were in Rome, all I wore were my black skinny jeans. I packed three pairs with me and I was sure able to wear them everyday with my trusted black turtle necks and cardigans.

I tend to go for stretchy skinny jeans too for that added comfort especially for travelling on long or even short haul flights. Skinny jeans are better than tights or leggings for warmth too so I say if you’re torn between leggings or skinny jeans, go for jeans instead.

Basics like turtle neck jumpers and cardigans

I packed the basics with me because as I said above, I packed my smart tailored jackets to change up my looks for the day. I find that with the basics like turtle neck jumpers, I get to play around with other pieces while playing it safe with the classic basic pieces.

Chunky Knitwear

My most trusted winter pieces are my chunky knitwear. When I’m wearing chunky knitwear pieces, I always feel as if I’m wearing my dressing gown out. I love that I don’t even need a coat sometimes when I’m wearing my chunky knitwear because I can layer about 4 basic pieces or more underneath then finish the look off with my knitwear on top.

Cable knits and oversized jumpers are my favourites and they are perfect when worn with skinny jeans too and most importantly, they keep you warm and comfortable.

Scarves, Gloves and Hats

Scarves, Gloves and Hats are must haves for autumn and winter. I don’t know about you but as long as my hands and neck are covered, I feel like I can easily warm myself up and I suggest that you pack these items if you want to keep yourself warm. I’m lucky that I have long hair because it  helps to keep my neck warm too but there’s nothing wrong with wearing scarves over your outfits. Some people are scared of covering up their outfits or coat with a big scarf but when it’s cold, trust me, you will thank your scarf so much. If you’re feeling brave, you can even wear statement scarves to lift up your look. I love having my favourite black scarf and my black leather gloves when walking around the city of Rome especially at night when the wind can get really chilly. I choose black for the classic look and I love leather gloves because they keep my hands warm but they don’t look too bulky and they last longer than my soft cashmere gloves.

It wasn’t too windy when we went so I was able to wear my floppy hat without worrying about it getting blown by the wind. It’s great to pack a floppy hat if you want to protect your face from the sun or the light rain. It also adds a nice touch to your look especially if you’re like me who tends to wear plain black outfits all the time.

Floppy hats are also easy to pack in your back pack or suitcase. They won’t need extra room because they fold flat without losing it’s shape.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

I packed four pairs of shoes with me when we went to Rome. I knew that I would need block heeled shoes and trainers but out of all the shoes I packed with me, I wore my most trusted Under Armour trainers with me. They are actually my gym shoes but I couldn’t help myself from wearing them. They are the most comfortable shoes ever. When we went to Paris last winter, I wore leather Chelsea boots and although they were flat, my feet were so painful at the end of every day we spent walking around the city. The Chelsea boots hurt my legs the next day too because my legs were so crampy that I needed frequent breaks from walking – we spent a lot of money in cafes just to take a moment to relax my feet.

Painful legs and feet can ruin any trip so make sure you pack your trusted walking shoes or if you buy new ones, make sure you break them in before you start wearing them for long periods of time.

I didn’t have that problem when we went to Rome this time. I was a little smarter and I respected my legs and feet a bit more. When I wore my Under Armour trainers, my feet didn’t ache at all for the whole time we were there. Three full days of constant walking on unforgiving and large cobbles with wide spaces in between them didn’t hurt or phase me at all; thanks to my trainers who allowed my feet to resist the impact of every step I took. I recall thanking my shoes every single day when we got back to the hotel so that’s how much I loved my shoes.

If you want to wear dresses and feel that you must wear heels, choose the block heel styles. Stiletto heels won’t be good to walk in because the cobbles have wide gaps.

I didn’t even wear any other trainers that I packed. I decided to stick with my Under Armour trainers- they were the best shoes ever. I was just sad that they got dirty so easily during the 3 days we were there.

Classic jewellery

When I was in Rome, I mainly wore my most classic jewellery pieces like diamond studs and a silver ring with a pink Swarovski crystal. I didn’t wear my engagement ring on our trip for security reasons- just in case I lose it or get robbed or something. A lot of travel forums and websites mentioned that there are a lot of pickpockets around all the tourist areas and so we decided to be safe. I will write another post about how we stay safe when travelling.

Classic jewellery pieces are great because if you packed in a panic like me or if you plan on shopping for additional clothes to wear wherever you are going, you can be sure to know the jewellery you packed will go with your outfits. Rome also strikes me as a city that has timeless style- much like Paris so feel free to pack some statement pieces but also make sure you pack some of your classic pieces of jewellery too.

Statement accessories

My statement pieces of choice are my waist belts. I packed with me my plain black skin print one which I wore with my snake print black blazer. I planned on actually wearing the waist belt with my black tailored coat too but I didn’t need it when we went to visit the Roman Forum.

It’s great to pack a few statement pieces if you want to add a little bit of something to a plain outfit. If unsure on what to wear, as mentioned above, pack some basics and add to it statement earrings. In my case, I packed some fluffy earrings in gold and black feather.

I also wore a bright yellow waist belt which I bought from Italy. I thought that it was a great addition to a plain navy and black outfit.

So that’s about it… these are some of the wardrobe essentials I packed on my trip to Rome this winter. I hope that you enjoy your trip too and remember… When In Rome… Love every minute of it.


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