When You Travel, Take This With You

When You Travel, Take This With You

Walking alone you will find

the wind walking with you

and the bitter taste you carry with you

will soon fade when you taste your sweetest dreams

Dreams aren’t always sweet, bear in mind

The roads we take aren’t always kind

Close your satchel

keep it safe

Days are long and hard when you travel


if ever you find that your shoes have undone laces

Do not let anyone tell you how to tie them

You know

They have never been to places

you’ve been before

Let no one command you on which path to take

Left or right or straight ahead

Your life is yours and yours alone

You have nothing but your own

Journey to make

They don’t know the struggles you have faced

How these made you grow strong and agile

Let no one turn you into someone fragile

You have all the tools to make it on your own

You came here alone

and alone you will make your exit

It may seem funny now but know

People get suckered into false beliefs and trust in things on the outside

Things which are unknown

When they should be looking in

To find their way in life

Not a lot of people dared to fight it

The urge to stay idle

the temptation of isolation and dependency

they wait for mercy

when they should be starting their journey into finding who they really are

All of us have our own personal currency

that we use to pay with

Everything has a price


In your journey try your best to look out for fragile ice

that may look like wide and safe bodies of water

in case it breaks and the current suck you under

The water is cold like the heart of some people you may encounter

Keep your heart warm

Your heart needs fire to fuel you

to move forward and take that one more step when you are exhausted

and when you find that your journey is completed

I hope you are in a place which existed

only in your dreams

by Franz (, THE TALA by Franz, Copyright March 2021)


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