Why Christmas Is For The Spirit, Not The Superficial

Why Christmas Is For The Spirit, Not The Superficial

Growing up in the Philippines where the season to be jolly officially starts at around September all the way through to December (the ‘BER’ months) and of course all the way through to New Year’s Day… I learned from a very young age to enjoy a very hyper Christmas season. I’ve always been very old fashioned and I’m not into Christmas pop songs that much or the materialistic stress that strikes during the Christmas season. For me, it’s all about Nat King Cole’s Christmas Song and Frank Sinatra all the way and feeling festive for me is about the warmth and spirit of the Christmas season- not about the superficial things money can buy. Material gifts are amazing of course but what’s even more amazing and uplifting for the soul is the time you spend with your loved ones. ‘Presence’ is definitely a better present to receive during the holidays. Perhaps in the future, I can write about the top gifts for him/her but for this year, I want to write about the spirit of Christmas and what it really means for me.

It’s The Season For Forgiving

I believe that this is the time to clear out as much emotional baggage to free yourself from the hurt and the pain which can really weigh you down. This will not only free your soul so that you can feel the lightness and happiness around this time of the year but it also gives you a feeling of strength because it really does take a strong person to forgive. If you aren’t ready to forgive which is also a normal thing to feel, don’t force yourself to do so. Enjoy this time of the year without thinking too much of the past but instead, look forward to a bright and wonderful future ahead of you. Don’t forget to forgive yourself too- for all the mistakes you may feel you have made. Give yourself and others the compassion and love you need to move forward in life.

It’s The Season For Giving

It’s definitely a season for giving. Give as much of yourself to people and let your loved ones know that you are there for them. Give yourself some time too and gift yourself ‘love’ if you find that you have spent years being too harsh on yourself. Self- Love (without being conceited) is important. You can’t give something you don’t have. Love yourself fully and truly; you will find that the love you can give others will be multiplied and will be much stronger. Give presents of course but don’t lose touch with what the Christmas season represents. It’s about the spirit and the soul and the warmth of spending time with your loved ones. Volunteer and help out the charities and organisations that are reaching out to others. Extend the love and your blessings as much as possible. It’s not about how expensive your gifts are. What is important is the effort and the true intentions you have for your loved ones. Love is the best present of all so give out as much of it as you can.

It’s The Season For Reflection

Reflect on the things you have done over the years. It’s a great time for self- reflection and to get to know yourself and those around you. It’s the time to forget about assumptions and judgements that only hurt all of us. It’s about time we take a moment to breathe, to allow the collective awareness of the world to flow through us and to enjoy the little things in life. Reflecting on the past and the things you have learned will also help prepare you for the years ahead. It’s a great way to get those lessons embedded in our hearts and minds and be mindful as always.

It’s The Season To Be Grateful

Count all of your blessings and be grateful for everything that you have. Try and live each day looking at the things you have and not the things which are lacking. As hard as it may be, be grateful even for the challenges in your life because they teach you how to be resilient and grateful for the good things in your life. Without suffering, there would be no compassion. Know that you have everything you need and that’s when you will feel truly grateful. Be grateful for the things we take for granted. Be grateful for being alive and for the chance we have to make a difference in the world.

I wish all of you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
Here’s to many more years of sharing love with one another and I wish that all of your hopes and dreams come true


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