Why I Love EVE LOM’s Cleanser: Is this really the best cleanser in the world?

Why I Love EVE LOM’s Cleanser: Is this really the best cleanser in the world?

Searching for the right skin care products can sometimes feel overwhelming. With the huge amount of options we have available to choose from, shopping for beauty products becomes a daunting task rather than an enjoyable one.

I always look for products that are suitable for all skin types. I also love products that are able to multi-task so that I can simplify my skincare routine. There is one product I have come to love so much because it really does live up to the hype.

It’s the EVE LOM cleanser.

There are four plant oils in this cleanser- eucalyptus, clove, hops and egyptian chamomile. It also has cocoa butter which is great for moisturising your skin. This cleanser is also great if you have heavy makeup on. It deeply cleanses your face without leaving it dry. The muslin cloth you use with this product helps to exfoliate your face to promote quick cell regeneration. It’s a multi-tasking cleanser which is suitable for all skin types.

I have a combination of normal to dry skin. The past cleansers I used before often left my face dry and tight which made me feel uncomfortable. Even the ones which say ‘For Dry/Sensitive Skin’ dry my face so I thought that to feel like this was normal because that’s what the moisturiser is for after cleansing. I later learned that I was wrong. I’m glad that I found a deep cleanser that leaves my skin so soft and smooth.

Cleansing should be a calming process as well as rejuvenating. Cleansing allows us to not only remove our makeup and any excess dirt but to also soothe the skin. Eve Lom has formulated something which is not only cleansing but also comforting. This is like a facial spa treatment in a tub.

This is the official video tutorial of how to use the Eve Lom cleanser:



At first, I didn’t like how rubbing the balm on my dry and dirty face felt like. It can feel as though you have to rub the balm quite hard on the skin but as the balm warms up, rubbing becomes easier and you will feel the makeup melt away. It has a calming scent thanks to the essential oils mixed together.

Covering the top of my face with a warm muslin cloth is so relaxing that I actually cover my face for about 10 seconds instead of 3-5 as advised. It also helps open out my pores for a deeper cleanse. When I rub my makeup off gently with the cloth in circular motions, I can tell my face is gently exfoliated. The use of exfoliating beads in beauty products have recently been banned because they’re not environmentally friendly. The use of the muslin cloth is a really great alternative and it is also very easy to clean. I find that removing my mascara can be a bit tricky so I repeat the process around the eye area the most. This balm removes my normal mascara but not all of it straight away. I’m not sure how well this balm will perform when used to remove waterproof mascara as I don’t use them myself.


I haven’t used anything other than the Eve Lom cleansing balm for a few months now. I haven’t used any toners or moisturizers after cleansing. My skin feels clean, soft and smooth after using this so adding layers of other products feels unnecessary.

Vogue has described this product as ‘Probably the best cleanser in the world…’

So is this true?

Until another cleanser wows me the same way as Eve Lom’s cleansing balm does then my answer is ‘Yes, I agree and believe that Eve Lom’s cleanser is the definitely the best cleanser in the world for me. It’s an all in one cleanser I can take with me anywhere. I feel like it’s a spa facial in a tub, it’s good value for money because a little goes a long way so what more can we ask for?’

Everyone’s skin is different though and there are so many products out there which may be more suitable for you. For me, I think that Eve Lom’s cleanser has definitely given me a natural radiant glow and my face is always so smooth to touch after cleansing.

I think I will definitely go back to using other skincare products again but I love this product so much that it has become one of my all time favorites so I don’t think I’ll be using anything else just yet.

Since I started using Eve Lom’s cleansing balm, cleansing for me has become a relaxing daily ritual. I now look forward to removing my makeup even on nights when I feel too tired to do anything. I find my skin has become more soft, supple and radiant.

 ‘It simply doesn’t have to be complicated’ – Eve Lom

and I completely agree with this statement. I love products that can do it all. This product may be on the pricier side however, you really get what you pay for and more. If you’re like me who likes to keep a simple beauty routine but still achieve great results, then I think Eve Lom’s cleansing balm is definitely a product you should try.



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