Why I’m saying YES TO the most hydrating Coconut cleansing creme

Why I’m saying YES TO the most hydrating Coconut cleansing creme

As soon as I heard about Yes To‘s hydrating coconut and chia seed cleanser for dry skin, I didn’t waste any time and purchased it straight away. I need all the hydration I can get right now and I was keen on giving this cleanser a try. I bought my first bottle from Holland and Barrett. What I love about the packaging is that it’s sealed. It’s much more hygienic in my opinion and you can definitely be sure that the product has not been opened or tested by anyone else.

It claims to contain 95% natural ingredients consisting of virgin coconut oil and chia seed oil plus it’s cruelty free which is just amazing. I was trying not to expect too much from this product just in case it didn’t deliver but honestly, I read so many good things about it that I couldn’t help but feel so excited about washing my face the day I purchased.

As soon as I opened the bottle, I could smell the nice sweet coconutey sweet smell of the creme. It smelled so natural too- nothing in this product smelled artificial. The creme wasn’t too thick but it wasn’t too thin or runny either. It was just the best consistency and it wasn’t too oily at all. I also didn’t feel like it had that chemical and artificial type of consistency. Just as it claims, it feels luxurious and soft when you softly massage it on your face.

When I rinsed my face, I couldn’t fully tell whether it successfully cleansed all my makeup off. My face didn’t feel tight or stripped of all the oils so I thought that maybe, with it being a natural and gentle cleanser, I may have to clean my face twice. I took a cotton pad, wet it with tap water and swiped it all over my face to test how much makeup has been removed. To my surprise, no traces of dirt or makeup was left on my face. I was completely shocked and amazed so this time, I took another cotton pad with a little bit of toner and again, no traces of makeup.

Now for the best part…

After a few minutes of cleansing my face without moisturising. I could feel that my face was so soft and smooth without feeling oily or heavy. After 2 hours, before going to bed, I thought about applying my usual night creams but I was so happy with how soft and smooth my face was so I didn’t moisturise that evening. When I woke up the next day, I still couldn’t believe how soft my skin was.

I honestly recommend that you try this product if you can get hold of it. If you live around my town, perhaps you will have to wait until Holland and Barrett re-stock their shelves again because I bought their last bottle. I hope that you love this cleanser as much as I do and I will now be trying the other products from the YES TO. range and I can’t wait to tell you all about it next time!


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