About The Tala

In Philippine mythology, ‘Tala’ is the goddess of the morning star.

I hope this online journal, like a star, can guide you in your life’s journey…

I’m Franz.

I live within the Cotswolds; a lovely part of England. I was born in Manila, the wonderful capital city of the Philippines. I have lived more than half my life in the United Kingdom. I’m British-Filipino so I have two countries I call ‘Home’.

I started this blog to connect and create an online space where we can share our life stories with each other so that we may learn from our experiences and grow together. From our personal journeys and stories, travel tips, artistic and fashion choices, health and beauty discoveries to anything that makes us feel joyful and blessed. 

In this website, you will also find  ‘ANG TALA’ where you will find articles I have written in Tagalog. 

I don’t currently work with commercial brands so every article you will find in my website are all non-sponsored content. I’m not going to start putting labels on me at this moment in time. Some may call me a blogger, a writer or an influencer like many people call the bloggers nowadays. I started to write to share all the lessons I am learning about life with the world in the hopes that somewhere out there, some people can learn from the experiences I have. I guess, like every single person on this earth, I’m a ‘work in progress’ right now and we’ll see what happens in the future. If I do end up working with brands in the future, then I will fully disclose the work I will do with them and I will always be transparent. All the content you will find on this website are things and products I am truly passionate about and I really want to share these all with you and I hope you enjoy reading my articles!

I dedicate The Tala…

To those who feel alone; I hope The Tala takes away the loneliness you feel.

To those who have loved and lost but carry on loving still, I wish for The Tala to help you see the love that surrounds you every minute of every day.

To the free spirits and the oppressed, I hope that we can travel the world and fully enrich our souls and minds no matter where we are… It doesn’t matter if you’re in a beautiful beach or confined in a room unable to move, you have your mind to imagine and travel with so let’s explore and see what we may find. 

To those who feel like all hope is lost, I hope The Tala inspires you to carry on wishing for great things in life. My mother always tells me that ‘There is hope as long as you live…’ so carry on living your life to it’s fullest potential and never give up.

To those who want to heal from their injuries and pain, I hope that The Tala helps you believe that you are healthy, strong and healed. I hope that through this online journal, we can heal together.

To those who aspire to be beautiful, I wish for The Tala to help you understand and believe that you are already beautiful. This online journal is a celebration of our inner and outer beauty; even the imperfections we think we should be ashamed of; Don’t feel shame and let no one shame you. We are all beautiful beings and we are on this earth for a purpose. Put on that makeup or wipe it all away, either way, know that you are beautiful.

To those who have lost the confidence to speak out, I hope that this journal can inspire you to speak up your mind, be curious and ask questions. Never be afraid to speak your truth.

To those who have lost their art, I wish for The Tala to be a space you can go to for inspiration to be creative again. Carry on singing all the melodies of life; make music and dance freely. Let no one stop you from being happy and creating wonderful things. There’s art and beauty in all things.

To those who are afraid to dream but who reached for their dreams anyway, well done and you should be proud of yourself. All the great discoveries and creations were made by courageous dreamers like you.

To those who feel like the light inside them has dimmed, know that there is a strong and powerful light inside you waiting to shine so bright so don’t be afraid.

To those who don’t believe they are a star… know that you are. As William Shakespeare once wrote ‘All the worlds a stage and men and women merely players…’ Don’t let the bad things that happen to you bring you down. See them as plot twists in this great movie of your life which you direct and play the lead in. You are not a supporting actress or an extra. You are the ‘Tala’ in this play called ‘Life’ so believe that your story will have a very happy ending.